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The Oyster Cart has been the leading purveyor of on-site oyster shucking services for five years and counting. Leave it to us to transform your next corporate event, family celebration, wedding, or birthday party into a magical experience that will leave your guests impressed. 
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Our decked-out fully equipped Oyster Cart at your event

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Expertly shucked 


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Complement your event with our wide selection of other food and drinks

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Take a look at who we have worked with

A full, bespoke oyster bar experience awaits.

Oyster Artisans


Our oyster artisans are specially trained to shuck oysters in a way that retains their natural flavours. They are also equipped with a wealth of knowledge about the coast-to-table oyster industry.

One Stop Solution

We also provide a full range of delicious food and drinks to complement your oyster dining experience. Let us know what you need, and we will recommend the perfect solution for you.

Oyster Artisans

We remain the pioneer and market leader in the mobile oyster shucking industry with our unique oyster bar—the first of its kind in Singapore. Now, your event can be unique too. 

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Our oysters
are just better

Not Tap-Rinsed

Our proprietary method ensures an immaculately clean shuck every time without the use of water—locking in all the fresh flavours of the sea.

Uncompromising quality

No matter your choice of package, you can rest assured that all our oysters adhere to the strictest and highest quality standards of taste.

Taste tested – every time 

Our oyster artisans will check and ensure that every shipment meets
The Oyster Cart quality stamp of approval.

Largest portfolio of oysters

Our portfolio oysters are sourced from 7 countries  and  there are at least 5 different  types of oysters from each country. From  the sweet cucumberant  taste to briny nutty flavours, you and your guests get to enjoy up to 3 distinctly different types of seasonal best oysters . 

>> See our portfolio here


Our Past Events


No event is too big or too small for The Oyster Cart.
We are always on the lookout for new and exciting events that will benefit from The Oyster Cart experience.



"Hi Adam, i just wish to thank you and your team for the wonderful 'oyster cart' experience. My guests were pleasantly suprised and loved it! :)"

Ms Lin | Christmas Celebration

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Ready to raise your event up a notch? Choose a package below
or contact us to customise your experience.



Starting at $569 with 100 pieces

  • Unique Oyster Cart Experience

  • Over 40 types of Seasonal best oysters from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, United States and Scotland.

  • 3 types of oysters carefully hand-selected by us to maximise both value and taste.

  • Onsite shucking prior to event start time.

  • Collects equipment and set-up after event finishes.


Starting at S$3.80 per oyster with 120 pieces

  • Premium Oyster Cart Experience

  • Oyster Artisans on the ground shuck and serve through out your event

  • Maximum engaging fun experience for your guests.

  • Over 40 types of entree, deluxe and premium oysters from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, United States and Scotland.

  • 3 types of oysters carefully hand-selected by us to maximise both value and taste.

  • Oysters hand-selected and shucked with care for maximum enjoyment

  • Cart & Shucker hire starting at $180

  • Best suited for celebratory events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, engagement parties, product launches, seminars and exquisite get-togethers.


Bespoke menu of fresh oysters and exotic seafood

  • Ala carte options for anything your heart desires

  • Customised menu with exotic fresh seafood such as clams, mussels, crabs, scallops, langoustines, crawfish, live station sashimi slicing and more 

  • Private chef services for Canapés, pastas, cold cut platters and more

  • Choose from our exhaustive range of wine, cocktails, and other beverages.

  • Opt for our mobile bartender services for a fuss-free party


Frequently asked questions

For Private Parties

What do I have to prepare for my Oyster Party and The Oyster Cart?

Absolutely nothing at all! You can leave the party planning to us while you mingle and be a charming host to your invited guests. We’ve got it all covered.

What time will The Oyster Cart arrive at my venue?

Please allow us a grace period of 15 minutes before the start time of your event to set up and prepare.

What happens if I order too many oysters and what do I do with the leftovers?

Send our team an enquiry email before making a booking and our oyster connoisseurs will be on hand to help you with a good estimation on how much oysters to order based on your party size. In the event that there are leftovers, we will half-shuck the remaining oysters and store them in container boxes to be frozen. Do take note that half-shucked oysters cannot be eaten raw.

For Corporate Oyster Workshop and Pairing

I would like to engage The Oyster Cart for my company event.

The Oyster Cart is well equipped to handle corporate events. Our oyster connoisseurs are well equipped to conduct oyster workshops and drink pairings. Do contact us for more details.

For Collaboration

I run a Bar/Restaurant/Cafe/Winehouse and will like to take up the service of The Oyster Cart’s live station at my outlet.

The Oyster Cart has worked and is currently working with numerous bars and restaurants for their marketing campaigns. Do drop us an email to see how we