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Let's collaborate!

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Our love for the best quality oysters run deep. Our only wish is to share this passion with more people so that they too can have the same access as we do to oysters that have passed our stringent quality and freshness controls. 


This is where you come in. 


If you run or own an establishment that serves food, we would love to partner with you to provide your customers with the same quality oysters that we supply and serve for our events.

How does it work?

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Oysters by The Oyster Cart

Our oyster artisans can hand select and expertly shuck every oyster before delivering them to you.


Marketing & Promotion

We will regularly market and promote restaurants and establishments that serve our oysters across all our various digital platforms and EDMs. 


Quality assurance

We stand behind our commitment to deliver only the freshest and highest quality oysters to you. We will be providing branding collaterals such as stickers so that your customers know that they are being served only the best oysters in town.


Attract New Customers

We believe that there are many oyster lovers out there who would love to experience an exciting new way of enjoying their oysters. Don’t miss out the opportunity to turn these diners into regular customers of your fine establishment!

Let’s get in touch and make magic.

Thanks for submitting!

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