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We are artisans of our craft, meticulously curating and shucking only the finest oysters to perfection, ensuring that each customer receives a truly exceptional experience.

Our commitment extends further – every oyster is shucked to perfection, and they are never frozen. We meticulously time the shucking process to align closely with pick-up or delivery schedules, reinforcing our pledge to provide unparalleled freshness and quality.

Schedule Order For Future/Same-Day Delivery or Express Delivery within 90 Minutes (Subject to Availability).

Self Collection is also available at 168 Rangoon Road.

Award Winning Oysters

Accolade-Garnering, Award-Winning Oysters from Ireland and France

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Crème de la crème

Assorted Fresh Oysters

Best Of Both Worlds!

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Flagship Oysters


Premium oysters are a true culinary masterpiece, hand-selected from the finest oyster growers. Sourced from waters known for their exceptional quality, these deep-cupped delicacies offer a firm texture and tantalizing sweet and oceanic flavors. 

Price Starting from $39.50


 This collection combines oysters from deluxe and premium for one to experience the diverse taste profiles that oysters have to offer. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Price Starting from $34.50


Sourced exclusively from the purest waters, these delightful oysters are hand-selected for their unique flavor profiles, offering a harmonious balance of briny and earthy notes that tantalize the palate.

Price Starting from $29.50

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A harmonious blend of flavors, balancing sweetness with a hint of the sea's salinity, culminating in a clean, crisp mineral finish that gracefully lingers. Their plump, succulent flesh speaks volumes of the nutrient-rich waters from which they are harvested, providing a texture and flavor depth that stands unparalleled

Price Starting from $44.50


Suitable for 10 pax and above

Oyster Soiree 

Elevate your intimate gathering with our beautiful oyster tray station, shucked and laid on ice, ready to serve upon delivery. Choose from a variety of presentation options to suit your style and preference without the need for a on-site shucker.

Oyster Gift Card
E Gift Card

Our e-gift card offers a convenient and perfect way to delight your loved ones with our exceptional range of items, including fine oysters and more.

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