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Signature Series

Oysters from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA are handpicked by our Founder. Each oyster is meticulously cleaned, and expertly shucked before being packed and sealed to retain freshness and flavour. 

 Schedule an order in advance for delivery (preferred) or same day delivery is also available too.

And you may wish to check out Founder's Footnote here

Fresh Oysters with lemon and champagne o
Founder Series
Oysters here are versatile and well balanced in flavour. They go easy on your palate. Choose from Cocktail to Carnivore sizes.

Price Starting from $58

Available with Shucked or Unshucked
Packed in Thermal Gift Box
Crown Series
Founder and Grandeur Mix.
Our exclusive flagship Carlingford and Louët-Feisser oysters. Unique sweetness with depth of flavour, taste the richness of the Irish Lough.

Price Starting from $68

Packed in Thermal Gift Box
Available with Shucked or Unshucked

Limited Time Special

50% More Oysters!

Grandeur Series
Grandeur, Magnificent and Splendid? Much limited vocabulary to describe this series.. They are the crème de la crème or simply the Rolls Royce of oysters. Finest assembled in a bundle.

Price Starting from $78

Packed in Thermal Gift Box
Available with Shucked or Unshucked
Oysters and Pairings
Simple pairings with Sake/Wine/Whisky

Price Starting from $88

Glass shrimp cocktail in tomato sauce /
Cold Littleneck Clams
From New Zealand. Sweet and Buttery!
Available only as an
Add-on to oyster series!

Price Starting from $30 per doz

Cocktail Shrimp
Back by popular request. New improved recipe

Price Starting from $58 per kg

cooked Crab legs with melted butter, gar
Wild Snow Crab Legs
From Alaska! Rich and Sweet Flavor

Price Starting from $88 per kg

Black sturgeon caviar in silver spoon.jp
 Caviar | 30/50 Grams Tin
Sturia / Kaviari

Price Starting from $58

loster roll singapore
Fresh Lobster/Shrimps/ Snowcrabs Rolls
Rolls with chunky crustaceans meat
Collaboration with Pan Bakery

Price Starting from $18 per roll

Founder's Footnote



My Dear Supporters,

 I will be taking a leave of absence starting from 18th May till end of June 2021.

With my absence, I've appointed Sam Tey, Ben Chen and the rest of the team to continue serving you. They will be focusing on a few items that have popular with returning clients. The team may be young and inexperience with customer service but they are certainly dynamic and committed to serving you with their best ability!


For my returning clients, I apologise for not being able to serve you during this period. You should have been comfortable with my service and response to you all these while and it may be a tad inconvenient when I'm not around. Also, under your watchful eyes and tastebuds, if there is anything that are not up to standard, please drop me an email at adam@theoystercart.com and I will follow up as quickly as I can.

As with previous covid measures during CB, Phase 1 and Phase 2; there is a limited pool of third party drivers to help us with deliveries. We may face some delays with your orders and seek your kind patience with us. 

I look forward to returning in July to serve you. There will be exciting line ups in areas of charities fund raising and dining in!

Please stay safe and happy in the meantime!






Dear Supporters,

You may have read about my previous message here, especially if you're a returning client.


Over the circuit breaker months, I've been fortunate with all your support to keep this business going. You have no idea how grateful my family and I are. Some of you are just buying to support us by gifting to loved ones, and some of you I've no idea how oysters can be a staple (at least not in our local culture).. I hope oysters have helped making your memories count!


With all of that kindness and positive influence from distinguished clients' endeavour to make the world a better place, I channel that back to society in ways possible with a first step in having individuals under vulnerable circumstances to join the family serving you.


I hope your oyster experience will not only good but also a meaningful one. Thank YOU!


For visitors and potential clients,

We are an online oyster bar and though I am just a screen away from you, it shouldn't stop me from leaving little footnotes here and there to help you with selecting oysters.


Please feel free to call or message me for any assistance! I might be caught up with shucking and not able to provide a quick response but I'll try my best to follow up as soon as I can!




Frequently asked questions


How to order?

We are taking online ordering which is fast and efficient for clients. Once order is placed online, team will take care of the rest for you!

Do oysters come shucked? And do you sell unshucked oysters?

Oysters are freshly shucked for delivery. Currently, there is no option for unshucked oysters as we are unable to check on quality with unshucked oysters.

How do I schedule delivery? and do you offer same day delivery? What about delivery fee?

All delivery scheduling (Same Day or future date) is available at checkout page. For same day delivery, cut off time is 5:00 PM each day. Team usually delivers same day order at dinner time between 5:00-6:30 PM, but please do not hesitate to call 87542207 or whatsapp us if you have a preferred timing. Delivery fees are flat fee regardless of items' weight and quantity -Same Day Delivery fee (Dynamic pricing) starts from between $5.50 to $12.50 -Next day or beyond starts from $5.50

Are your oysters fresh and safe?

We are proud of what we have achieved over the past 7 years with support from kind clients who see us grow from year one. Our founder is also hands on with shucking, and manages end to end operation.

Which series should I go for? and can I choose the oysters?

We usually recommend 1st time clients to go for Founder's series and then try the other series in future :) All series except for "Genesis" and "Dime A Doz" are suitable for gifting purpose. We do not attach invoices/receipts to deliveries. Selection of oysters is done by our founder who is experienced, and he relies on data to introduce oysters to the different series.