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Signature Series

Oysters are specially handpicked by our Founder. Each oyster is meticulously cleaned, and expertly shucked before being packed and sealed to retain freshness and flavour. They are never frozen and are on scheduled shucking for immediate pick-up or delivery. 

You may wish to check out Founder's Footnote here

Soigné Series

Selected Jewels are from France, Ireland and UK

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Soigné Lite

Well balanced and briny sweet. They go easy on the palate!

Price Starting from $59

Soigné Premium

Delicate, Sweet, Luscious and Firm. Remains the most popular option with returning clients.

Price Starting from $79

Soigné Mix

Get the best of both worlds with lite and premium oysters. Suitable for those looking at varieties or finding out which oysters suits you better.

Price Starting from $69

Oyster Station 

Elevate your small private gathering with a impressive set of Oyster Station. An exquisite and memorable way of receiving those esteemed guests. Up to 3 different types of Seasonal Best Oysters

Grandeur Series

Grandeur series are renowned oysters that are considered some of the best in the world. 

Opened oysters with crushed ice, knife, micro greens, sauces and glass of wine on brown co
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Grandeur Gillardeau

Dubbed as the Rolls Royce of all oysters and they are highly prized by oyster connoisseurs. Perfect for those exquisite moments
Grandeur Belon

Connoisseur level of oysters. May not be suitable for everyone due to its unique iodine and metallic taste. 
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Black caviar served with ice in glass bowl, spoon with black caviar. Black background. Top
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Kaviari Oscietra

Caviar from sturgeon "Acipenser Gueldenstaedti". Subtle and marine flavours. Good length of extremely delicate hazelnut.

Price Starting from $88

Kaviari Baeri Royal

Caviar from sturgeon "Acipenser Baeri", from Siberia.  Unique and iodized flavours with a silky smoked taste. 

Price Starting from $72

Kaviari Krystal

Caviar from sturgeon "Acipenser Schrenki" or "Dauricus Schrencki". Rich and complex flavours with a final note of almond. The favorite caviar of famous Chefs.

Price Starting from $88

Caviar Tart

Homemade caviar tart that delights with its richness and multifold flavour and texture.

Price Starting from $28

Popular Add-ons
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Salmon hanging in an ordered pattern for smoking.jpg
Image by Cooker King
Image by engin akyurt
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A plate of delicious lobster ceviche with lime, cilantro and corn chips.jpg
Falling jamon slices, dry italian prosciutto, raw pork ham isolated on black background wi
Fish pate with capers and rye bread on a wooden background. Selective focus..jpg
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Fresh red king crab crab claws with lemon slices and spices _edited.jpg
cooked Crab legs with melted butter, garlic cloves, lemon slices and fresh parsley on blac
Lobster/Shrimp/Crab Roll

Soft Brioche Rolls with chunky crustaceans meat​. Rolls have been popular with dining in clients.

Price Starting from $18

London Cured Salmon

From H.Forman & Son, one of the oldest smoke house in UK. Widely considered the best smoked salmon in the world.

Price Starting from $138

Cold Littleneck Clams

Our popular clams are from New Zealand. Perfectly Sweet and Buttery, and have remained as a favourite with returning clients.

Price Starting from $32

Clams Pot

With our popular New Zealand littleneck clams, we serve out a buttery wine broth clams pot that comes with bread for dipping.

Price Starting from $68

Arctic Cold Shrimps

Petite, delicate, sweet flavour with a firm and juicy texture from the cold Arctic Ocean. Perfect with pairings, finger licking good.

Price Starting from $28

Cocktail Shrimps

Fresh, crunchy and juicy shrimps served with cocktail sauce. Always a delight for party/gathering.

Price Starting from $58

Mexican Ceviche

Refreshing Mexican seafood coctel includes smoked salmon, shrimps and clams. Serve with chips.

Price Starting from $28

Creamy Clams Dip

Made with our popular fresh New Zealand little neck clams. Creamy Rich. Serve with chips

Price Starting from $19

Cold Cut Meat

Jamón de Cebo Ibérico (50% Raza Ibérica)

Available in 50 grams Pre-sliced Pack

Price Starting from $14.50

Smoked Salmon Pâté

Freshly prepared with H. Forman & Son's Smoked Salmon. Perfect for a brunch session. 

Price Starting from $28

Assorted Canapes

Random Simple Sides For A Petite Fun To Your Day

Price Starting from $58

Colossal Red King Crab Legs
Hail The King From Alaska! One of the most prized. Rich, sweet flavour and delicately tender texture

Price Starting from $168

Wild Snow Crab Legs
From Alaska! Sweet, subtly briny flavour


Price Starting from $88

Founder's Footnote

Dear Supporters,

You may have read about my previous message here, especially if you're a returning client.


I've been fortunate with all your support to keep this business going, you have no idea how grateful my family and I are. Some of you are just buying to support us by gifting to loved ones, and some of you I've no idea how oysters can be a staple (at least not in our local culture).. I hope oysters have helped making your memories count!


With all of that kindness and positive influence from distinguished clients' endeavour to make the world a better place, I channel that back to society in ways possible with a first step in having individuals under vulnerable circumstances to join the family serving you.


I hope your oyster experience will not only good but also a meaningful one. Thank YOU!