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We transcend the conventional notion of a mere oyster vendor. We are artisans of our craft, meticulously curating and shucking only the finest oysters to perfection, ensuring that each customer receives a truly exceptional experience.

Our commitment extends further – every oyster is shucked to perfection, and they are never frozen. They are prepared through scheduled shucking, ready for immediate pick-up or delivery, reaffirming our dedication to delivering the utmost freshness and quality.

Schedule Order For Future/Same-Day Delivery or Express Delivery within 90 Minutes.

Limited Time Special: Free Next Day Delivery For $125 And Above (Not Applicable For Soiree)

Self Collection is also available at 168 Rangoon Road.

Award Winning Oysters
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We are delighted to inform you that our highly sought-after Award Winning Crown Series Oysters from Ireland are back in stock. Previous Crown Flagship and Premium are included in Deluxe, Premium and Mix.

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Crème de la crème

Assorted Fresh Oysters

Enjoy Best of Both Worlds

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Flagship Oysters


Premium oysters are a true culinary masterpiece, hand-selected from the finest oyster growers. Sourced from waters known for their exceptional quality, these deep-cupped delicacies offer a tantalizing trio of sweet, mineral, and oceanic flavors. 

Price Starting from $79


 This collection combines oysters from deluxe and premium for one to experience the diverse taste profiles that oysters have to offer. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Price Starting from $69


A celebration of the heritage of artisanal oyster cultivation, passed down through generations. Sourced exclusively from the purest waters, these delightful oysters are hand-selected for their unique flavor profiles, offering a harmonious balance of briny and nutty notes that tantalize the palate.

Price Starting from $59

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Budget Friendly


Thrift oysters are wallet friendly. Irregular shelled with a meaty texture and mild flavor. Good for those who crave meaty oysters with a mild flavor and a slight sweet, almost melon-like finish. 

Price Starting from $49

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Assistive Shucking Technology

AOS Oysters

Introducing the future of oyster shucking - Assistive Shucking Oysters! Say goodbye to the struggle of prying open oysters and say hello to effortless shucking with our innovative modification. 

Promotion Starting from $49


Suitable for 10 pax and above

Oyster Soiree 

Elevate your intimate gathering with our beautiful oyster tray platter or cart, shucked and laid on ice, ready to serve upon delivery. Choose from a variety of presentation options to suit your style and preference without the need for a on-site shucker.

Promotional Price

Oyster Gift Card
E Gift Card

Our e-gift card offers a convenient and perfect way to delight your loved ones with our exceptional range of items, including fine oysters and more.

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