Oyster Appreciation

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Join Adam and Team for experiential workshop, uncovering some of the finest oysters and their profiles. From oyster etiquette to shucking them, you take the helm of Adam's shucking station and be alongside him to shuck and enjoy oysters like you never did before.

Oyster Workshop
 Hands on experiential workshop to learn about oysters and shucking them.

Price Starting from $58

Decoupage Workshop 

Give Decoupage Art a try! We recycle those beautiful shells for you to work on and bring home. There is also a special element of doing good

Price Starting from $20

Inspiration and Photo by apieceofrainbow.com
Train and Shuck Course
We offer training to F&B personnels who wish to serve oysters at their establishments. Our Master Oyster Artisan will equip you with proper shucking techniques, serving method, safety and hygiene standards.