Two types of oysters with savory sauces on a wooden Board. Stylish serving dishes. Oyster

Dining at Ostrea Boutique

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Cuisine Oysters  

Motoyaki oyster with miso,
Foie gras crust oyster with corn kernels,
Florentine oyster with spinach,
Angels on horseback with smokey bacon,
Trio cheese bake oysters with Jalapeño

Seafood Platter

Crown Mixed Oysters
Littleneck Clams
Alaska Snowcrab Legs
Cocktail Shrimps
Smoked Salmon
Marinated Mussels


Shrimp/Lobster Brioche Roll
Iberico Sandwich
Smoked Salmon Bagel 


Mexican Ceviche
We are thrilled and looking forward to receiving you at our humble shop!

The team is small with Adam, Ricky and Jensen serving, we may be inexperienced with dining-in set-up but we hope you will enjoy our food and hospitality. Menu will change from time to time as it is an ongoing search for an identity and favourites among all. We also look forward to any feedbacks you can provide for us to learn and grow.

Due to space and resource limitations, our team is only able to serve comfortably up to 4 tables during each period. All orders have to be placed online in advance of dining in. If private dining is preferred, we can serve up to 15 pax (subjected to existing Covid 19 rules and regulations) and menu can be customised.

Thank you. We look forward to serve you!

Beverage Menu is Available Onsite.
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Seafood Platter

Your platter starts with some of our most popular seafood items such as oysters, littleneck clams, snowcrabs and smoked salmon. Customise your seafood platter further with add-ons such as lobsters, langoustine, Dungeness crabs etc

Price Starting from $98

Sandwiches with cream cheese and jamon, close-up spanish appetizers with wine_edited_edite

Choose from Jamon Iberico cheese, Duck Rillete, Foie Gras De Canard and Salmon Avocado

Price Starting from $98

Delicious Peruvian Seafood Ceviche or Seviche cuisine in glass bowl on black
Mexican Ceviche

Refreshing Mexican seafood coctel includes smoked salmon, shrimps, crab meats and clams.

Price Starting from $98

Image by Jonathan Ybema

Choose from Greek salad, Mexican Avocado Salad and Burrata and Tomatoes Salad

Price Starting from $98

Plated Nachos_

Choose from Tortila Chips with Salsa & Guacamole, Mini Pretzels and Cassava Chips

Price Starting from $98