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  • What do I have to prepare for my Oyster Party and The Oyster Cart?
    Absolutely nothing at all! You can leave the party planning to us while you mingle and be a charming host to your invited guests. We’ve got it all covered.
  • What time will The Oyster Cart arrive at my venue?
    Please allow us a grace period of 15 minutes before the start time of your event to set up and prepare.
  • What happens if I order too many oysters and what do I do with the leftovers?
    Send our team an enquiry email before making a booking and our oyster connoisseurs will be on hand to help you with a good estimation on how much oysters to order based on your party size. In the event that there are leftovers, we will half-shuck the remaining oysters and store them in container boxes to be frozen. Do take note that half-shucked oysters cannot be eaten raw.
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