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Review of January 2023

During the month of January, we featured oysters from France on our menu, specifically two types of oysters from Bourcefranc-le-Chapus in the South-West of France. These oysters are sourced from one of the most renowned oyster farms in the world and we serve them through two series: Flagship and Premium.

The Flagship version is grown in County Cork, Ireland, and then moved to France for final conditioning before being harvested and shipped. Meanwhile, the Premium version starts in Ireland, then moves to Portugal for further growth, before finally being finished in France.

While these two types of oysters were generally well-received, some regular clients had extreme opinions about them. Some found the texture of premium oysters to be softer and not as firm as the oysters we typically serve, while others enjoyed the unique texture and flavor of these French oysters.

We value the feedback of our clients, especially our regulars, and took it into consideration when deciding whether to continue serving them. As we are back in the exploratory phase this year, we want to ensure that we provide our customers with the best possible experience and satisfaction.

Overall, our experience featuring French oysters on our menu was a success, and we look forward to featuring other oysters from different regions/countries.

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