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Founder's Message During Circuit Break in April

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Founder's Message:
Dear Supporters, 
Over the years, TOC has been focused on serving a small regular group of private and corporate clients, primarily through on-site Mobile Oyster Bar service. We take pride on the continuous support from returning clients, and this has always been the motivation to improve service and quality.

Delivery service, on the other hand, had been a lesser focus, we've definitely hoped that customers would consider Mobile Oyster Bar service after trying Oyster-Bar-in-a-Box.
With the circuit breaker month, there have been overwhelming support to help tide the business through, and we can't be more grateful for all your love and support.

However, I apologise in the event that The Oyster Cart's service standard is disappointing during this period. This is due to manpower shortage as I am the only shucker currently, with my family supporting operations. I'm unable to follow through enquiries while shucking at the same time. My very much apologies if you're not hearing from me but I will try my best to follow up as quickly as possible.
I must also prepare our customers that delivery may not be on time. Each oyster is selected and hand-shucked and I do not believe in pre-shucking them hours in advance before delivery. I might be over-run and speed of shucking can drop, and it can be worse with third party courier scheduling. So far, approximately 15% of our customers had been unable to receive oysters on time.
But please be assured that oyster quality are not compromised. In fact, I am seeing some of the best oysters this period with significant lower costs. This is the very reason why we are seeing these promo, think of it as "Property Tax Rebate" whereby landlords are encourage to pass on savings/rebates. Savings are now passed on to our oyster lovers.
If you'd still trust me, even after reading all the potential hiccups with your order.. I will put in my best efforts to serve you the best oysters :)
In the meanwhile, please stay safe and happy at home xoxo
With much love,


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