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Art and Collectibles

Shell Arts by various artists

We recycle oyster shells for you to keep them close to heart.
Proceeds from Sale of Art go to Charity, NGO or Non-profit. 
Brian Magill's Dotted Series
70% proceeds goes to 3Pumpkins
Brian Magill's #1001
Hand-painted Dotted Shells. Credits to Mr Magill and Carlingford Oyster Co for the kind donation of works.

Pay What You Want Starting from $20

Peranakan Series

Visit Demi's Bio/Portfolio here

40% proceeds goes to 3Pumpkins
Demi's #2001
A set of 4 pieces handpainted creation by Demi. Truly one of its kind in the world. 

Pay What You Want Starting from $30 per piece

More Information
- Get your name listed on our benefactor wall as a way to thank you. 
- A portion of proceeds less delivery fee and payment processing fee to be donated to an organisation. Artist(s) may also be entitled to a certain proceed to keep this project sustainable.
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