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Shuck For Good

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With The Ethos of The World Is Everybody's Oyster 

Dear Supporters,
Thank you for visiting Shuck For Good page. The idea behind this is to provide a platform for our colleagues with special needs to showcase what they could offer - with their strength to work on the notoriously tough oysters to serve you. They might not be able to offer a full shucked oyster but they can certainly make shucking easier and safer for you. We hope that with your support, we will bring more awareness to the different vulnerable groups of our society and create a movement of #ShuckForGood. We also welcome the different charities and Non-profits to reach out for collaboration for a greater good. 
Together we can make the world a better place - one good oyster at a time. 
Oysters For Good Bundle
Oysters here are chipped on the edge, providing an opening for ease of shucking. They filled the gap between the difficulty of shucking a live oysters and perishability of shucked half shell oysters. 

Price Starting from $52


We are focused on providing support to the vulnerable groups and we aim to do this through partnerships with government agencies and NGOs. Please reach out to us if you think The Oyster Cart is suitable to assist and support your charity organisation's efforts.