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Hand-picked oysters that have been expertly shucked by our Oyster Artisans packed to gift for your loved ones. Order 3 oyster platters/ Oyster-Bar-in-a-Box boxes and get 1 free! You are definitely going to be the person with the best gifts this year. 


Deliver to 4 locations on different dates! Order must be minimum 14 days in advance. Please indicate shipping address as billing address during check-out. Team will follow up with you again to confirm delivery dates and recipients.


*All deliveries must be fulfilled by 31st December 2019. Team reserves the right to cancel orders/deliveries in full or partial, and refund accordingly. Any refunds for partial cancellations will be prorated.


*This purpose of this promotion is to encourage the spirit of oyster gifting. Therefore, deliveries are strictly to 4 locations. Consolidation of deliveries to one location is not allowed. For single delivery location, please consider our usual Oyster Platter/ Oyster-Bar-in-a-Box packages.


Usual Price:

-Oyster Platter (12 pieces) at $68. Order 3 platters and get 1 free.

-Oyster Bar in a Box (24 pieces) at $138. Order 3 boxes and get 1 free.


All oysters are shucked at the nearest possible time prior to delivery to ensure freshness. Each Oyster Bar in a box includes freshly shucked Oysters, Lemons and Tabasco. Delivery is free.



-Oyster platter is perfect for immediate consumption upon delivery. Any delay in immediate consumption, please store platters in chiller until ready to serve.

-Thermal Insulated Gift Box keeps Oysters chilled for up to 2 hours.

-In an unlikely situation of delay, please allow 30 minutes grace period for delivery.


*Assorted Oysters from Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Subjected to Oyster Connoisseur's tasting check, The Oyster Cart will deliver up to 3 types of seasonal best oysters.

Holiday Special - Buy 3 platters/boxes and get 1 free | Share the love of oyster

Classic Mignonette + 1 special sauce of the day:
    • Orders must be made at least 14 days before the date of the oyster party. Any order less than 14 days in advance, please call 87542207 to confirm availability.
    • It is strongly recommended to consume the oysters within 2.0 hours upon receiving oysters. 
    • All customers are presumed fit to consume raw oysters and The Oyster Cart will not be responsible for any associated illness arising.
    • TOC reserves the right to cancel any order and in the event cancellation occurs, TOC shall notify customer and do a full refund.
    • Customers are deemed to have accepted The Oyster Cart's Terms and Conditions, and indemnity waiver upon purchase.

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