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Exclusively Fresh 

Pre-Harvest Market

Pre-Harvest Market offers sales of oysters that are still in deep in farms. They are almost a guaranteed way to get oysters as fresh as possible at reduced pricing.
Every stage of bringing in oysters has an update for you - From when they are harvested to the time they are processed and packed, we dived into details to provide you the assurance of origin and freshness.
They are suitable for advance oyster lovers who go to extreme ends of waiting for the good stuffs.

Petite, Clear and Delicate

Starting from $3.45 per piece

Sweet Subtle Flavour

Starting from $3.15 per piece

Raspberry Point 
Salty, Clean and Sweet Finish

Starting from $3.45 per piece

Cucumberant Finish

Starting from $3.15 per piece

Meat and Nutty Flavour
Pink with Sweet Iodised Flavour

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