Oyster Profiles for May 2020
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Oyster Profiles for May 2020

Updated: May 24

Blue Banded: Ireland Donegal Tragheanna Bay PIPO

Green banded: Canada Baynes Sound PPM

Pale Pink Banded: Canada Sunshine Coast BFB

Yellow Banded: Canada Sunshine Coast BRM

Hot Pink Banded: USA Eld Inlet CEI

*List is non-exhaustive and may be subjected to changes anytime


Oyster tasting is similar to wine tasting. You’re trying to absorb and appreciate the nuances in flavor and texture imparted by climatic conditions.

The culmination of these effects is what oyster aficionados call “meroir.”

The 6 S’s of Pro Oyster Tasting by Julie Qiu

#1 SEE: Feast with your eyes! Study the shell, shape, color.

#2 SMELL: It should smell sea-breezy and sweet, not fishy at all.

#3 SIP: Sip the oyster liquor to get a sense of the salinity.

#4 SLURP: Shimmy the oyster meat loose, tilt the flat edge of the shell to your lips and slurp! Don’t discard the oyster liquor (faux pas).

#5 SAVOR: Chew a few times to get the full body taste; notice the progression from nose (salty) to body (sweet/flavors) to finish (lingering aroma).

#6 SHELL: Flip the shell over and admire the collaboration between nature & farmer.d.

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