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Luxury Smoked Salmon

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**WARNING - Lengthy post**

A little about this particular smoked salmon that we are specially arranging for you! A faithful customer Mr Terence seek our help to bring them in for Christmas! It has been his annual Christmas tradition to enjoy H.Forman & Son's smoked salmon - He used to bring them in from UK himself, but of course Covid has basically stopped air travels... So we know Mr Terence's taste buds - exquisite and delicate, and further research on the smoked salmon makes us confident to take that leap of faith to bring them in! visit their website here.

How long do they last?  Frozen smoked salmon will last up to 3 months. Just make sure you don't refreeze them after thawing as with all frozen food..

More information following from one of the Media features!

"How is your salmon smoked?

We use the same methods we’ve always used. The fish has to be with us within 48 hours of leaving the water. Everything is done entirely by hand. We hand-fillet the fish and sprinkle it with rock salt to draw out some moisture – it’ll stay in the salt for up to 24 hours. The fish then goes into kilns to air-dry. Then it’s smoked with oak while still on the bone, for better flavour. The smoke creates a protective seal called the pellicle. We remove this smoky crust, take out all the little pin bones and slice the fish by hand.

Are there any common misconceptions about smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is not about the smoke – you should just get a hint. London Cure salmon isn’t slimy, you don’t need to squeeze lemon all over it to get rid of the grease. It’s a very subtle, delicate flavour, not a million miles away from the taste of salmon sushi. A lot of smoked salmon is so smoky because it’s masking the fact the fish isn’t very fresh."

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