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The Academy (Beta)

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Teach a man to shuck oysters, and hopefully we find him/her employment opportunity.

We are trying to groom the next generation of finest shuckers and we need your support.

The traineeship program aims to teach and hone skill in shucking. Instilling confidence, pride and integrity to each trainee and making them competent to represent The Oyster Cart serving clients of ours and/or our partnering F&B'.

What are we trying to bring to the table:
-To create employment opportunities for individuals with special needs or disadvantaged situation 
-To promote and bring awareness to the groups/organisations supporting such individuals;
-Industry standard of oyster shucking and promote local oyster appreciation culture.

How can you help?
Help us by covering a portion of the cost to ensure the long term sustainability of the program and in return you can to enjoy oysters shucked and served by trainees.

Note that any transaction here does not constitute to a sale of food.  

Current trainee(s):
-Boy J (40 out of 500 pieces shucked. Shucking speed is so far 60 pieces per hour. 30% of oysters are beautifully shucked.)